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A top quality gun oil is one of YOUR most important gun accessories.

Burke's Gun Oil™ is a multi purpose, top quality gun oil that acts as a cleaner, lubricant and rust inhibitor. Not only does it work well in hot climates, it is also a superb cold weather oil that even works at the North Pole! (see testimonial section for an actual experience)

Whether you are a hunter, competitor, police or military, you can now order direct on line. Get a couple of friends to order and SAVE ON SHIPPING!

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Burke's Gun Oil™
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Two types of bottles.

4 oz bottle $10.95

Shipping, Shipping, Handling & Insurance:

$11.50 for 1st item; $2.50 per item for next 5 items; $1.00 per item for the next 10 items - for larger quantities, please request a shipping quote. These charges apply anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Added to final purchase price: Canadian Residents - 5% GST; 13% HST for Ontario Residents.

For more info and usage instructions, see 'Why Use Burke's Gun Oil?"

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Military Nato Stocking Numbers:   N9150-20-0069068 & NSN 9150-20-001-7107  Contact us for special pricing.